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As you probably know, precision engineering is what makes us tick. Here at Entech we have a great reputation for delivering quality components to required specification on time, every time. But how do we know they are to specification? Because we check, that’s how.

We have our own inspection area that has always been very well equipped. But no precision engineering company can ever stand still. There is always room to improve in some way, whether it is a process, equipment or simply the environment. And that is why we have been busy in this area across the last few weeks.

We are pleased to mention that we have added further inspection equipment to our already well prepared inspection area. This further investment means that we cannot just maintain but improve standards and practices around key areas of the inspection process.


LED Lighting

New LED lighting across the factory has made the ambient light level brighter and whiter. In particular inspection lighting has improved so this area has fewer shadows and a more consistent level of light output. This is essential for making visual inspections of surface finish. Even very fine surface marks can be unacceptable.

Precision Engineering Inspection Equipment

As precision engineers we often measure fine tolerances on very small components. The recent purchase of a Vision Mantis microscope gives us the ability to magnify work several times with superb visual clarity in order to properly inspect and accurately measure the necessary detail.

Checking surface roughness or specific Ra values is also a key area that we frequently have to inspect and measure. Again our Inspection capability has been improved further with a newly purchased digital surface roughness tester from the world’s leading manufacturer of measuring equipment Mitutoyo. Highly accurate and yet quick and easy to use it is already proving to be invaluable and sits alongside our tried and trusted Mitutoyo shadowgraph in our inspection area.