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Hope you’ve had a productive year so far, whatever your industry. Precision Engineering, specifically CNC milling and CNC turning here in Dorset seems to be retaining strong demand, even in the face of Brexit as we advance towards October 31st. Here at Entech it is looking to be one of our strongest years to date which is great and has enabled further investment in the plant but we are also mindful of the changeable environment.

Precision Engineering Services South West CountiesSpeaking of change, the weather has been turning for a little while now and whilst the temperature stays on the relatively mild side along the south coast, colder days are definitely on the horizon. Those balmy evenings we all enjoyed here in the South West have certainly given way to some extreme conditions of late. We’ve even had to finally put the BBQ away! But we have also been relatively lucky here in Poole. Dorset sits right between Devon and Hampshire, both of these counties saw significant disruption within the world of precision engineering and much of the associated supply chain thanks to those extreme conditions. So whether it’s global warming, maybe all the hot air around Brexit or something else entirely no one can ignore the fact that our weather is changing.

Precision Engineering is also constantly changing. Not in the same way of course and not so much the actual process of CNC turning and CNC milling (although there is always something exciting to discover in these areas too) but every organisation has to change and evolve to succeed in meeting the challenges it faces. Whether those challenges be external or internal. ISO certification along with the environment are just two things that often drive change for example. I am sure we are all aware of our environmental responsibilities but I just wanted to mention another way we are working in this area. We are reaching out to more local businesses, offering CNC milling services and CNC turning services right on the doorstep of Dorset. By promoting this service we can lower transportation requirements relieving stress on the road network and lowering vehicle emissions. We have also found that we can use lighter / simpler packaging when compared to using a courier service. I thought it worth a quick mention to help all those organisations local to Devon, Dorset or Hampshire looking for precision engineering services.

Entech (Poole) Ltd is based in Poole so we are ideally placed to offer CNC services in Devon. We have a vibrant client base that we care passionately about so why not join them. If you are looking for CNC turning in Devon or have a requirement for CNC milling in Devon don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to hear from you and are always looking for new ways to help local businesses across Devon and the surrounding area.