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Entech in Poole Dorset is off to a strong start so far this year but obviously situations can change very quickly and the Coronavirus has become a serious consideration for now and the foreseeable future. Entech are part of the supply chain to more than one critical business and so it is essential that we continue to play our part with component manufacture for as long as we can but obviously that is not the same for every organisation at this difficult time.

I sincerely hope you’ve had a great start in these first couple of months too and are preparing for the challenges ahead, keeping safe, following government guidelines and advice. As with other business areas the impact will vary from organisation to organisation, county to county but there are quite a few Precision Engineering companies near Entech, here in Dorset. These establishments also offer CNC milling and CNC turning. The general outlook when talking about turning, milling and other services within the world of engineering is pretty positive though, so that in itself is great news and worth a mention.

I also mentioned Brexit in my last blog which was originally due to happen on October 31st (which seems like a very long time ago now). It didn’t of course and you may also recall Entech was heading for one of the strongest years to date, which did happen as the end of the year rolled by but understandably talk of Brexit is much lower priority at the moment. You must stay safe.



So looking to the year ahead what’s next for precision engineering and manufacturing in general… I don’t think anyone could predict that! There are no lack of theories but as the last few months have proven, there are just so many things happening at such an amazing rate that it’s difficult to predict day to day let alone anything else. One thing we can predict is that Entech will continue to support organisations that need precision engineering solutions along the South Coast for as long as is sensible. So, stay safe look out for each other and follow the government guidelines. Best wishes to you all at this testing time.

Entech (Poole) Ltd is based in Poole so we are ideally placed to offer CNC services in Devon. We have a vibrant client base that we care passionately about so why not join them. If you are looking for CNC turning in Devon, Dorset or Hampshire or have a requirement for CNC milling in one of those counties please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to hear from you and are always looking for new ways to help local businesses.