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Batch Engineering

Why start with batch engineering?

• It allows for periodic and methodical quality control •

Colloquially known as a “test batch”, batch engineering lets you identify and resolve any potential issues before mass production. Before even going to manufacturing, these batches go through a series of steps to become the final desired product. Industries typically favour batch engineering and its preparation as it helps meet rigorous demands. Unlike mass production, batch engineering allows for periodic and methodical quality control. Plus, per the facility conditions, limitations and capacities, it ensures higher quality goods. Better still, batch engineering can be applied for improvement purposes after the product has launched.

At Entech, we supply challenging fabricated components that need machining to tight tolerances. Each is delivered in line with your specification and meets the three core batch engineering requirements:


An inherent or distinguishing degree or grade of excellence.


The action of processing or performing a task or function.


The probability that a system is operating at a specified time.
Batch Engineering

How do we achieve batch engineering?

Meticulous quality control is key to batch engineering

Downtime is significantly reduced by Entech via batch engineering. This method allows us to allocate the correct amount of effort into planning, such as investing in specific jigs and fixtures to ensure uniformity of supply. In addition to this, we have successfully completed batch projects for many industrial clients, ranging from MOD and Aerospace contracts through to the Leisure and Motor Trade Industries. Yet, as with any form of engineering, there are pros and cons to batch engineering.




  • Aids contingency planning
  • Allows flexible production
  • Machinery efficiency
  • Meticulous quality control
  • Reduction of waste
  • Expect potential downtime
  • Increased storage costs
  • Meticulous quality control
  • Requires rigorous scheduling
  • Small batches can be costly
Batch Engineering

What is batch engineering?

Incrementally refine the process whilst defining the specifications

Batch engineering is where automation starts. Not only do you have control of the equipment but the entire end to end procedure too. When you need better quality, fewer product failures and skilled expertise in time for production, you do it in batches. By first focusing your intentions on batch engineering, you can vastly reduce waste and decrease lead time. Batch engineering incrementally refines the process whilst defining the specifications. Ultimately, allowing you to refine the process whilst we streamline the relevant components.

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