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CNC Machine Shop

Why is the CNC machine shop a vital commodity?

• These bespoke parts prove critical in our day to day lives •

Look around – what do you see? Metal, and lots of it. This is where the CNC machine shop – the unsung hero of the manufacturing world – enters the equation. Were it not for CNC machine shops, the PC, tablet or phone you’re reading this on wouldn’t exist. Without precision engineering, society would look, feel and function remarkably differently. These shops are responsible for the cumulative components that go into your cars, computers and home appliances.

In one way or another, all tools, gadgets and gizmos originated from the CNC machine shop.

In bygone days, a machine shop was little more than a blacksmith. Yet times change, and the business barons of the industrial revolution begat tools that could mass-produce more tools. This stepping stone in our advancement allowed us to fabricate interchangeable parts. Bespoke parts that prove critical in our day to day lives. Now, technologies evolved from hammers and anvils to Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machinery. It could be said that the precision of the CNC machine shop has efficiently shaken up, formed and refined the wider world around us. So, when you next think about the components that prove critical in this day and age, consider where they came from. Yes, we are riding on the shoulders of historical innovation, but the CNC machine shop is now leading the charge and making a difference in our lives.

Trusted across multiple industries

Entech helps supply high-quality precision to a wide range of industries. Our CNC machine shop proudly creates parts for mechanical engineers in the following industries and more:

Aerospace   |   Leisure   |   MOD   |   Motor Trade

CNC Machine Shop

How does a CNC machine shop operate?

We utilise the latest cutting-edge technology

The CNC machine shop achieves this through a process known as subtractive manufacturing. Simply put, these machines remove material from metals, plastics and other raw materials to create the desired product. A variety of operations occur in a CNC machine shop, each of which performs different tasks. Whether it’s cutting, drilling or shaping materials – this typically happens under the roof of a CNC machine shop.

CNC machinery tends to be used in conjunction with Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Together, it makes the design and machining of bespoke metal parts far more effective.

Before CNC, there was just Numerical Control. This required a programmer to produce tapes that were used to input automated commands. The automation of specialist tools saved time and didn’t have to rely on the hand-cranks and levers of the 18th century. Instead, programmable commands can be repeated with ease and simplicity. It was also a far more cost-effective method. However, once modern computers came to the fore, the process was refined to be even more efficient, accurate and affordable.

Our following services are supported by a fully equipped and calibrated inspection department. This includes an Aberlink Axiom too CMM (or Coordinate Measuring Machine).


Computer Aided Design

Entech has had 20 years of experience using CADCAM with CNC machinery. Yet, we only use the most up-to-date software. This enables us to provide you with the most up-to-date methods and accurately quote your components. Our team provides a full service – from the product drawings down to the finished product. We can help design, develop, draw and model to your specific requirements. Should you need us to, we will also advise you on the best materials to use and manufacture costs and how your designs can influence these costs.


Conventional & CNC

Our high specification CNC lathes are designed for the production of short or long batch runs. This enables us to deliver high quality, with short lead times and lower costs. Our machining capability allows us to offer our clients a huge range of component sizes and geometries. We have several lathes of various sizes and power that include conventional and CNC. These enable us to take on work of various sizes. Our team use stainless steel, aluminium and more to provide one-off prototypes through to high volume batches.


Conventional & CNC

Our high-performance CNC machining centres are designed for the production of short or long batch runs. We have several mills of various sizes and power, including conventional and CNC. This enables us to take on work up to around 1.5m in length. We maintain a comprehensive range of machines that allow us to offer competitive batch runs. This provides huge capacity on repeat orders and medium to large batch sizes. We also run ultra-high-speed machining for aluminium components with extremely short cycle times.

CNC Machine Shop

What is a CNC machine shop?

They create desired products from raw materials

A machine shop is not a shop in the traditional sense that retains goods. Instead, it’s more akin to an area equipped with specialist manual or automated machinery. It can be a standalone shop or a small section of a large factory building. Here, machinists and other technical staff utilise a process known as subtractive manufacturing. Whilst each machine has its own functional capabilities, they are effectively used to drill, cut and shape anything. To put simply, they remove – or subtract – material from metals, plastics and other raw materials to create the desired product.

Machine shops have existed since the 19th century. Yet, by virtue of innovation, today’s machine shops are more complex and advanced.

The CNC part of the CNC machine shop stands for Computer Numerical Control. These sorts of specialist machinery are capable of operating with high levels of accuracy. Hence why it’s known as a precision engineering service. Yet, this isn’t its only precise element. CNC machine shops produce the highest levels of complexity; efficiently and affordably. In short, the CNC machine shop is a valuable commodity to mechanical engineers and, by extension, all industries. By this logic, countless businesses rely on the components that a CNC machine shop provides. Regardless of the size of the business, such shops provide essential services at a fraction of the cost and time. In doing so, their services allow these businesses to stay relevant and competitive in today’s evolving world.

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