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CNC Manufacturing

Here’s why the inherent automation of CNC manufacturing is so appealing

Aeroplanes, space rockets, cars, chairs, boats – want to know what they ALL have in common?

Based in Poole, Dorset, Entech is a Precision Engineering company that has provided a quality CNC service since 1989. Our team has an extensive range of machinery that allows us to complete our engineering projects. We supply certification for all work and have experience in producing and project managing work for . . .

Aerospace | MOD | Leisure | Motor Trade Industries | and more

Our Modern Machine Shop is fully stocked with manual and CNC turning and milling equipment. This way, we offer the most appropriate CNC service for our clients. Yet, to enhance our CNC service, we can also organise any necessary welding, fabrication, sheet metal treatments or finishes. With this said, we’re fully aware of the years of hard work it’s taken to reach this position – which is why we want to list the pros and cons of establishing a CNC service.

The benefits of CNC Manufacturing

The accuracy of CNC ensures consistent product quality

Increased production speed and increased efficiency

Reduction of errors and elimination of unnecessary waste

CNC machining is more cost-effective than traditional machining

CNC isolates machines from humans and mitigates any risk

How does CNC manufacturing work?

It’s fundamentally different from 3D printing or injection moulding.

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing technology as parts are created by REMOVING material from a solid block. This block is called the blank or workpiece. Removing material from this blank or workpiece is done via various automated cutting operations. This process differs from 3D printing and injection moulding in that it’s NOT an additive technology.

Injection moulding is what’s known as formative manufacturing technology.

During the manufacturing process, material is ADDED together to create parts. CNC manufacturing is quite the opposite, whereby material is SUBTRACTED. Despite this all this talk of automation, we still need skilled people to ensure our business succeeds. There are a lot of processes involved in CNC manufacturing that require skilled people . . .

? | Setting up of machining processes
? | Making measurements and adjustments
? | Keeping dimensions under control
? | Monitoring processes and tool wear, etc.

Now, if you were to automate all these processes, you could switch off the lights and leave the machines running overnight with confidence. Your factory could safely, intelligently and automatically adapt to ensure the quality of the output. The immediate benefit here is your process capability is predictable. Manufacturers who have automated their work handling and set-ups have confidence in their output. Delivering high-quality machined parts throughout the week – without excessive labour costs – is nothing short of a bonus. Manufacturers can get the max potential out of their high-value capital assets.

As manufacturers ourselves, Entech has faced many of the same challenges in our own factory.

We have many years of experience in successfully automating our own CNC processes. We work as partners with our customers around the world to achieve the same goals. These customers span industries such as, aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics and power generation. By automating manufacturing processes, we can build highly flexible intelligent systems. These provide closed-loop feedback and data for improving process capability and efficiency.

Traditional machining requires ONE operator per machine. Yet, unlike traditional manufacturing, CNC manufacturing requires fewer operators.

Now, you might be thinking, “that doesn’t make sense” but with CNC manufacturing, one skilled operator can run SEVERAL machines at once.

Plus, unlike traditional machining, CNC manufacturing is so accurate it REDUCES errors during manufacturing and eliminates unnecessary waste.

What is the appeal of CNC manufacturing?

CNC machining – or Computer Numerical Control machining – is digital manufacturing technology.

CNC manufacturing provides high-accuracy parts directly from a CAD file, and the process can be broken into 3 steps:

– An engineer first designs the CAD model of the part
– A machinist turns the CAD file into a CNC program called G-code
– And this G-code is what machinists use to set up the CNC machine

CNC machines can rotate tools around varying axes, usually 3 or 5 at any given time. During manufacturing, the CNC machining tools – such as mills, lathes, grinders and routers – are automated and controlled by a computer. Therefore, there’s little need for human supervision during the manufacturing process. Subsequent machining operations include tool changes and cutting operations to create the part, plus cool the part and tool.

Almost any hard material can be CNC machined, with some of the most common materials being aluminium, brass, ABS, Delrin and nylon.

CNC manufacturing is best known for its ability to create highly custom parts with very tight tolerances. This makes it one of the most accurate manufacturing technologies out there. Common tolerances for machining metals or plastics are around 0.125 mm – or 125 microns. However, features with tighter tolerance down to 0.050 mm can be manufactured . . . and even tolerances of 0.025 mm are feasible.

To put that into perspective, that’s about a quarter the width of a human hair!

CNC Manufacturing


Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing

CAD/CAM software helps design and manufacture prototypes, finished products, and production runs of products. Entech only utilise the most up-to-date software, enabling us to provide you with the most up-to-date manufacturing methods.

HOW IT WORKS | CAD designs models, CAM manufactures models

We have over 20 years of experience integrating CAD/CAM technology with CNC machinery. This allows us to assist with designing, developing and modelling work to your specific requirements. We also advise on the best materials to use and how your designs can influence these costs.

In short, we provide a full service – from the product drawings to the finished product.

CNC Manufacturing


Conventional & CNC

Turning services utilise one of the oldest styles and forms of manufacturing. Yet, unlike a traditional lathe – a tool used as far back as the Ancient Egyptians – today’s machines are Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC).

HOW IT WORKS | Material is held in a rotating chuck as an instrument excavates excess material

At Entech, we house several lathes that include conventional and CNC. These afford us turning services of varying sizes and power. The precise coded language that monitors our turning machine allows the cutting tool to make precise movements.

The turning process is under constant supervision and adjustment by our skilled engineers.

CNC Manufacturing


Conventional & CNC

Thanks to its unrivalled versatility and reliability, milling is now a staple of modern manufacturing. The process allows us to produce custom-designed parts within tight tolerances for customers in the UK and the wider world.

HOW IT WORKS | We subtract material from a workpiece using rotating multipoint cutting tools.

Entech houses several mills of various sizes and power – including conventional and CNC – enabling us to take on work of up to around 1.5m in length. Our precision engineers regularly mill aluminium, plastic, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and more.

These components come in various grades for clients from the MOD through to the motor trade.

Contact Entech regarding our CNC manufacturing services

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You will find a warm welcome here at Entech. Our professional team offer jargon-free advice, consistent support and valuable expertise. Based in Poole, Dorset, UK, we offer sub-contract manufacturing services to clientele worldwide. We are proud to provide a full range of engineering services to the manufacturing industry. Our team have experience in producing and project managing work ranging from:

MOD and Aerospace contracts through to the Leisure and Motor Trade Industries.

Entech’s Modern Machine Shop is fully stocked with a myriad of manual and CNC turning and milling equipment. We utilise CAD/CAM facilities to enhance your finished product, in addition to our fully equipped inspection department. Our team supplies full certification for all work and offers assembly, if in conjunction with machining work. To compliment our services, we can organise any necessary welding, fabrication, or required treatments and finishes

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