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Precision CNC Machine Shop

Precision CNC Machine Shop

Here’s why you can you rely on a precision CNC machine shop

From material acquisition to manufacture, finishing and final delivery – Entech can help

In the world of manufacturing, cast parts are rarely ready to go right out of the mould. That’s why many companies rely on Computer Numerical Control equipment. A precision CNC machine shop casts parts that meet requirements for shape, design and accuracy.

Successful precision machining requires the ability to follow blueprints made by Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) programs. Whilst precision machine shops work with some form of CAD/CAM programs, initial designs rely on hand-drawn sketches. This helps keep costs low before the real work happens. The blueprints themselves must be created with great detail to ensure quality and success. Once finalised, CNC machining technology creates 3D diagrams or outlines to produce your needed machine, object, or tool.

We work with various materials such as bronze, glass, graphite, plastics, steel, and other metals. Depending on the size of the project – and the materials involved – our team will utilise various precision machining tools and techniques. Machinists must therefore be well-versed with these different processes and equipment.

At Entech, you can expect nothing but professionalism and dedication to your cause. We are a modern and responsive precision engineering company that offers a bespoke service. From 2D and 3D computer aided component design through to component drawing. From material acquisition to manufacture, finishing and final delivery – Entech can help. We tailor our focus to your specific requirements and use the appropriate materials and processes. Our team is confident in our competitive prices and offer a service that is second to none.

Precision CNC Machine Shop

What is batch engineering?

Shops like our manufacturing facilities deliver metal, plastic and other machine components

From the production of automobiles to surgical devices and aircraft parts, precision machining is involved in every technology and industry. If a product contains parts, it once required precision machining.

Precision machining is an evolving area of manufacturing set in a highly competitive market. To stay in the minds of our customers, our precision CNC machine shop keeps abreast with cutting-edge technology. At its most basic level, machining is the process of removing excess raw material – with close tolerance finishes – to create a specified design. Additive manufacturing, like 3D printing, does the opposite: it brings material together to form a product.

Simply put, precision machining shapes materials into precise parts to meet exact specifications. This process involves cutting, milling, turning, and electrical discharge machining. A precision CNC machine shop performs this with CNC equipment – or Computer Numerical Control equipment.

Shops like our manufacturing facilities deliver metal, plastic and other machine components. However, manufacturing has undergone drastic changes. Mass production plants have given way to smaller facilities like ours. We have less capacity for large volumes but deliver small batches, customised parts, and prototypes in a short period.

What can be found in a precision CNC machine shop?

• Turning • Milling • Drilling • Boring • Sawing • Broaching • Grinding

If you are interested in seeing what our precision CNC machine shop has at its disposal, click here. Our shop is supported by a fully equipped and calibrated inspection department that includes an Aberlink Axiom too Coordinate Measuring Machine. Typically, the following standard machine processes are among the most common techniques used in precision CNC machine shop today:


Lathes are used to rotate the workpiece to bring metal in contact with the cutting tool.


Milling machines rotate a cutting tool to bring it into contact with a stationary workpiece.


Creating, or refining, holes by bringing a rotating cutting tool into contact with a workpiece.


Removes material to form, or refine, accurate and precise inner cavities in a workpiece.


Cuts a narrow slit into a workpiece, using a saw blade of a sawing machine as a cutting tool.


Progressively removes material, using a tool with teeth in ascending height called a broach.


A rotating abrasive surface smoothes or alters the shape of the surface of a workpiece.

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