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Production Engineering

Why production engineering helps the world turning

• Founded on increasing efficiencies throughout the manufacturing process •

Dreaming up a design and distributing it is one thing. Yet, when it comes to producing it, our engineers help design lean and competitive manufacturing facilities. Without production engineering, people would struggle to eat, water would cease to flow, and the world as we know it would come grounding to a halt. It might sound like quite the leap, but it really isn’t. The 21st century is an exciting world of fast-moving consumer goods that runs like clockwork. Yet behind every product on your local supermarket shelves is complex production engineering at play.

In our increasingly competitive global marketplace, production engineering is vital. Under pressure to reduce the time and cost of producing high-quality products, production engineers are in high demand. Production engineering is founded on increasing efficiencies throughout the manufacturing process. We achieve this by implementing continuous improvements and work closely with various teams to do so. To achieve this, we focus on three key qualities.


An inherent or distinguishing degree or grade of excellence.


The action of processing or performing a task or function.


The probability that a system is operating at a specified time.
Production Engineering

How does production engineering function?

Its trialled, tested and reviewed until a solution is found

Production engineering is much like any other engineering profession. A problem’s identified, and research is undertaken to solve three simple things. How can we improve its quality, how can we improve its performance, and how can we improve its availability? In an ideal world, this also needs to be as cost-effective as possible. Its trialled, tested and reviewed until a solution is found. From here, we make the dream a reality. We take the leap and scale it up so your goods can be produced in their thousands. For this to happen, the way in which it’s produced not only needs to reflect quality but reduce pressure. It needs to be efficient, effective and available. After all, if production stops for even the shortest amount of time, it could result in a significant loss of stock.

Production Engineering

What is production engineering?

Our goal is to make manufacturing more resourceful

Production engineering is a combination of manufacturing technology with management science. With the emergence of sophisticated production methods, this has become increasingly complex. However, our engineers have a wide skillset and are aware of the management challenges related to production. Each understands that production engineering is indicative of speed, efficiency and economy. We utilise these for integrated design and efficient planning of entire manufacturing systems. After all, a production engineer’s goal is to make manufacturing processes at large far more resourceful. To achieve this, our machine shop is stocked with a full range of manual and CNC turning and milling equipment. All of which is further enhanced by CADCAM facilities and a fully equipped inspection department.

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