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Quality Machine Shop

Quality Machine Shop

Why are we such a high-quality machine shop?

Efficiency stems from moving parts that seamlessly synchronize within specialist machinery

Over a century ago, Emmert Wolf wrote that “a man is only as good as his tools”. At Entech, we believe this sentiment remains true to this very day. After all, all industries rely on the right machines to alleviate their loads – whatever they may be. However, these much-needed machines can be a considerable investment. Therefore, many businesses opt to outsource their work to a high-quality machine shop like ours. One they know they can trust.

From Aerospace and MOD contracts through to the Leisure and Motor Trade Industries, the world relies on precision. Maximum efficiency stems from moving parts that seamlessly synchronize within specialist machinery. Yet, this is a delicate procedure and one that requires precision machining. Otherwise, the world would fail to run like clockwork. Operations and processes would ground to a halt, and businesses would notice a steep decline in their bottom line. For this reason, outsourcing is necessary to, at the very least, make ends meet.

Quality Machine Shop

Three factors to consider when choosing a high-quality machine shop

• Communication • Quality Control • Available Resources •

With so many high-quality machine shops available, which one do you choose? More importantly, why should you choose them? Here are three factors to consider when choosing your designated machine shop:

The Communication

In any business or partnership, communication is key. Changes can happen at any time, and a high-quality machine shop would never miss your call. Our flexible team understand that communication goes beyond the initial order. We know that if changes aren’t implemented immediately, we run the risk of lost time or material waste. Therefore, we ask pertinent questions about your project. All so we can help you get the best value for your money.

The Quality Control

Quality is the number one concern for all customers. Making additional components or parts to replace defective ones costs extra materials, time and labour and can be very costly. A high-quality machine shop has control measures in place to eliminate production errors. Better still, they will possess ISO certification that’s indicative of such status. This is proof of customer support, clear communication channels and relevant resources.

The Available Resources

“A man is only as good as his tools”, and a high-quality machine shop is only as good as its equipment and technicians. Quality machine shops take advantage of new processes and do not have a thriving workplace brimming with workers. Instead, many of its processes are automated and controlled by computers and robotics. This reduces the costs and time spent on something which would otherwise have relied on custom tooling by hand.

What can be found in our high-quality machine shop?

• Turning • Milling • Drilling • Boring • Sawing • Broaching • Grinding

If you are interested in seeing exactly what our high-quality machine shop has at its disposal, click here. Our high-quality machine shop is fully stocked with a full range of manual and CNC turning and milling equipment enhanced by CADCAM facilities and a fully equipped inspection department. Typically, the following standard machine processes are among the most common techniques used in precision high-quality machine shop today:


Lathes are used to rotate the workpiece to bring metal in contact with the cutting tool.


Milling machines rotate a cutting tool to bring it into contact with a stationary workpiece.


Creating, or refining, holes by bringing a rotating cutting tool into contact with a workpiece.


Removes material to form, or refine, accurate and precise inner cavities in a workpiece.


Cuts a narrow slit into a workpiece, using a saw blade of a sawing machine as a cutting tool.


Progressively removes material, using a tool with teeth in ascending height called a broach.


A rotating abrasive surface smoothes or alters the shape of the surface of a workpiece.

Contact Entech about our high-quality machine shop

• Quality precision engineering services •

You will find a warm welcome at Entech. Based in Poole, we are ideally placed to offer CNC Milling and CNC Turning services in Devon, Dorset and Hampshire. We have a vibrant client base that we care passionately about – so why not join them? We offer clear, jargon-free advice, consistent personal support and our valuable expertise. We will be happy to hear from you and are always looking for new ways to help local businesses. So, if you need our help, don’t delay. Simply get in touch today. We are open Monday to Thursday: 8am-5pm, and Friday: 8am-1pm. You can arrange to visit us if you wish to discuss your project in more detail at:

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